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Vancouver Detached Homes For Sale - Single Family Houses

Buying a detached or single-family home in Vancouver is an exciting process. There are so many choices that vary in size, look, and location that you don’t know what to choose and which one is better than the other. And with an average selling price of $1.5 million for a 2-bedroom detached home in April 2021, it’s clear why owning a detached single-family home in Vancouver is a dream for many. Just as a comparison, townhomes sold for only half of that price, $964k while condos in Vancouver are even more affordable, selling for a cost of $691k in January 2021. 

Although the downtown area is as popular as ever, we have seen an increase in the demand for detached homes farther from the central regions. This is mainly due to the pandemic that switched most workers’ job posts to a home office, so most are now looking for spacious homes in nature rather than properties in central Vancouver. 

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